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Dawit Assefa, L.Ac, MAOM – Acupuncture Fertility & Women's Clinic

Male Factory Fertility


Current standards for male fertility are defined as the following:

– Volume should be 1.5 – 5 ml (millilitre)
– Sperm count should be greater than 15-20 million sperm/ml
– Motility greater than 50% (more than half should move optimally)
– Morphology greater than 4%

Sperm counts have dropped and continue to drop every generation. Environmental pollutants, processed foods and stress are the culprits. Prescription drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana all can have detrimental affects on the male reproductive system. Furthermore, despite common thinking, sperm count does decline with age, and men, like women, are waiting until their older to conceive. Prostate issues and varicocele are just a couple of factors that can inhibit optimal sperm count in men so treating any pre-existing conditions is imperative. Treating male infertility is generally much easier to treat than female infertility with Acupuncture & Herbs. Sperm counts and libido are greatly improved often times. Morphology can be more challenging to treat and the patient is often recommended lifestyle change and antioxidants. The hardest thing is getting the male patients to change their lifestyle. They often times don’t want to stop the bad habits that is contributing to the problem.

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