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PCOS & Infertility


An estimated 10% of woman of childbearing age are diagnosed with PCOS. Many times women with PCOS don’t have a period and don’t ovulate. Usually they are two body types that are prevalent in PCOS. One is more overweight and the other is thin. Besides cysts on the ovaries, the patient can exhibit hair loss, facial hair, obesity, oily skin, acne, insulin resistance, amenorrhea and anovulation. One of the best things that can be done to improve this condition is diet change. Women suffering from PCOS must decrease their sugar intake. Simple sugars, refined sugars, sodas, fruit juices or any drink that causes a spike in the blood sugar must be avoided. If you are a woman suffering from PCOS, sugar is your enemy! Read the article below from Dr. John Lee on PCOS!

With diet change, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, a woman can see improvement in her PCOS within 6 months. As soon as the hormones are balanced then the menstrual cycle will normalize creating an optimal environment for conception. PCOS can be difficult to treat especially if the patient is not complaint and refuses to change their diet. However, often times the only alternative are clomid, metaformin, birth control pills, which will actually prevent pregnancy, or testosterone blockers which could actually cause severe side effects if taken for a long time. The natural way to fix something can be long and tedious, but the short way can be convenient and dangerous.

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