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Dawit Assefa, L.Ac, MAOM – Acupuncture Fertility & Women's Clinic

High FSH & Infertility


The pituitary gland shoots out FSH to produce follicles in the ovaries. Many factors can be involved with elevated levels of FSH but the most common is age. High FSH is commonly seen in older women. Although it is ideal to have lower FSH numbers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnant. I always tell my patents that all we need is one month with one good egg to get the results we want. I have treated many women who have had FSH numbers that were 20+, but we were still able to get them pregnant. In most cases, after 3 months of treatment, most women would see their numbers drop down significantly to the 8-11 mark. After about 3 – 6 months of treatment, most women will notice that they feel stronger, have more cervical fluid, and stronger sexual interest. All of those signs indicate that the body is getting healthier and more fertile. Remember the healthier you are, the easier it is to produce a healthy and quality egg. Give Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs a chance because in combination with Life Style change, most women can at minimum see a difference in their FSH numbers and can often times get pregnant. Of course, the higher the FSH, the longer it takes to see optimal results.

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