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Dawit Assefa, L.Ac, MAOM, FABORM – Acupuncture Fertility & Women's Clinic

Dawit Assefa, L.Ac, MAOM, FABORM

The Infertility Epidemic


Today, infertility affects 20% of North American couples. Infertility is becoming an epidemic and their are many reasons for it. One, people are waiting much later to get married and have children. According to Western Medicine, ovaries begin to decline at age 32. So a woman’s optimal childbearing years are from 16-32. Of course, women can have children past 32, especially if they are in good health. However, difficulties can arise after 35 years of age. Two, the modern woman is under a tremendous amount of stress today. Our western culture teaches us to push to great heights to reach some imaginary place of success, and we tend to fall for it. Stress can really damage the body and endocrine system causing hormonal imbalance. Excessive stress can also lead to sleep disturbance. Proper sleep is crucial to maintain optimal health. Third, our modern diet is literally killing us. I just cannot understand why anybody would eat anything coming from a factory or corporation. Their food might be cheap, but it’s so bad for you plain and simple. Our food today is full of preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, gmo foods, hybrids, clones and the list can go on. Furthermore, our meat and milk is banned in Europe showing that the meat packing companies and dairy industry are producing cheap useless products. One of the best things you could ever do is start going to your local farmers market or go to organic supermarkets. Food is fuel for your cells and body so eat well so that you can improve your fertility. Fouth, our bodies are exposed to many pollutants and toxins probably more than ever in history and we don’t know the full effects of all of them. There is a whole study on the effects of microwaves, plastics, tap water etc. Make yourself aware of your environment so that you can protect yourself. Finally, something that is becoming ever more clear is male sterility. Sperm counts have dropped significantly since the beginning of the century and will most likely only get worse in the future. Stress, bad diet and toxin exposures are also affecting men’s fertility and unless we wake up, it will not get better.

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