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Dawit Assefa, L.Ac, MAOM – Acupuncture Fertility & Women's Clinic

The Fertility Promoting Diet


First, when we talk about diet, I think it’s important to understand what NOT to eat. Let’s first take away the bad. You should stay away from processed foods, sugary and greasy foods. Excessive spicy and raw foods can also be damaging. A little spicy food can be beneficial especially if your a person who gets cold easily. Too much raw food can overwhelm your stomach and be hard on your digestion and leave you feeling bloated. Finally, beware of drinking and eating cold drinks and cold food. They will damage your stomach as well. Minimize or avoid your consumption of alcohol, coffee and sodas (especially diet sodas).

Eating meat and dairy is beneficial to the reproductive system as long as it’s organic or from the farm. Avoid processed and factory ready meat and dairy as they are detrimental to your health. Other foods that would be of benefit include

1) Dairy (Milk, Butter, Cheese, Yogurt)
2) Meat (try to eat more tender meats as they are easier on the stomach, Liver can be especially beneficial for you)
3) Seafood (Sushi, Fish etc)
4) Almonds and Walnuts
5) Green vegetables (Kale, Spinach etc)
6) Honey and Molasses (also Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly)
7) Barley and Oatmeal Porridge
8) Eggs especially the yolk (you could soft boil them)
9) Avocados
10) Yams
11) Seeds (Sesame/Pumpkin)
12) Bone Marrow Soup
13) Animal Organs (Liver, Kidney, Brains)
14) Artichoke
15) Nettles

Basically, you want to ensure that you get enough fats and cholesterol in your diet to produce a healthy level of hormones in your body. Of course, there are many foods out there not on this list that can be of benefit. Just make sure to eat food that is supplementing to the body. Foods that build blood and energy are ideal.

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