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Dawit Assefa, L.Ac, MAOM – Acupuncture Fertility & Women's Clinic

Optimal Time for Conception


The following information is only for those having trouble conceiving. This would be the case if the woman or man are older. It is also for men having issues like low sperm count, poor motility and poor morphology. This information will also help women with less than adequate cervical fluid. Ovulation timing, optimal time of day for conception and optimal season for conception are all covered in this article.

Knowing the optimal time for conception is key in order to improve the chances of conception. First and foremost, ovulation must occur. Having abundant, good quality cervical fluid will enhance your chance of conceiving. Sperm can live in that environment for up to 2 days. Furthermore, cervical fluid actually helps the sperm “swim” to their destination. If you have less than adequate cervical fluid, be more intimate on the day before and day of ovulation. However, it must be remembered that a lack of cervical fluid will decrease the chance of conception. Usually, ovulation is somewhere between days 12-16 for most women. That is, if the cycle is regular. Having sex 1-2 days before ovulation as well as having sex the day of ovulation will increase your chances of conception with adequate cervical fluid. You may be asking “how do I know when I’ll ovulate?”. Well, this is when charting can come in handy. If you chart your cycle and have ovulated on day 14 the last 2 months, all things being equal, ovulation will most likely occur on day 14 again. Remember, the last day of good quality cervical fluid, while your temperature is still low, is your ovulation day. If your temperature has spiked, then you missed it.

However, there are other factors to consider. Generally speaking, there is more energy on the planet from 6am – 6pm (day time). Even if you look at a plant, the leaves rise with the sun and and go down as the sun sets. So there is generally more life and energy on the planet during the day. As the sun rises, we all go to work or school and so are generally more active. Even our metabolism is better during the day. Hence, that’s why it’s important to eat your heavier meals during the day and not late in the evening or night. You wont metabolize it as well! So what does this have to do with conception? Well, since the body is generally stronger during the day, conception is much easier to occur. I personally think anytime between 7am – 5pm is ideal for conception. In the evening or night, when most people have sex, the body is not in it’s optimal strength, unless you took a nap to recharge. As the sun sets, the energy on the planet is decreasing. The body is preparing for sleep. Why would you try to conceive at that time? Your body is generally more tired and weak. Many notice that even their sexual interest and performance is better during the day vs. night. Interest and performance may not necessarily equal conception, but it does create an ideal environment for it. Lastly, studies do show that sperm count is higher, although not significantly, during the morning than at any other time of day.

We must also think about seasons when speaking of timing. Just like there is more energy on the planet during day time (6am – 6pm), it is true that the planet has more energy during the last 6 weeks of spring, all of summer and the first 6 weeks of fall. The body works at keeping itself warm during the colder months and therefore has less energy for reproduction. This does not mean that conception cannot or does not occur during the winter months. We all know that’s not true. However, this article is for those having trouble conceiving. So my recommendation is to be more sexually active in the warmer months of the year to increase your chance of conception.

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